This SDK is designed to implement the EasyEnrollment platform into our clients own hosted web-portals. We want to make it fit as seemlessly as possible with the current experience of their sites; because of this, we have provided functionality to add callbacks to the end of each of the necessary flows and we are as unopinionated as possible about the styling of the SDK’s flow.

In the spirit of creating a seemless process we will also be forgoing the verification of emails for users using easyenrollment. Instead, we will be relying on the implementers to provide valid emails, first names, and last names in order to create an association of information to a user.

Change Log


  • Bump version and have better npm ignore


  • Add in payer blogs. See includePayerBlogs in client-usage documentaiton.
  • Various bug fixes in SDK-Hooks
  • Fix SDK flow bug which caused page to stop rendering on multiple login inputs. This was related to AIV which is now deprecated.
  • Various package updates
  • Remove auto version injector. Deprecated. TPAStream Devs MUST now manually update the file (unfortunately)


  • Add in ability to implement custom widgets for payer form and the end widget.


  • Fix bug where single payer employers won’t render


  • Add config error page
  • Make state transfer through terms of service widget


  • Fix issue with Anthem security questions.


  • Add two factor authentication handling.


  • Fix bug with sdk demo mode where final page won’t load


  • Add individual endpoints for the following: payer and terms of service
  • Seperate the versions of the api and create a version manager.
  • Drastically improve initial endpoint loadtime by bringing down less info.


  • Add versioning to the CDN provider
  • Append version to all request headers for underlying api to read.

Example Page




Additional Documentation

Client Usage

SDK Flow Details

QuickStart Guide

SDK-Hook Guide

Development Commands

npm install npm run build npm run format

Make sure to bump the version of the package.json with each release.

Develop APIToken 49d492e0-9772-4975-8d1e-17f0ad8f2de0 not for actual customer use.