This is not a valid version for this endpoint

This error occurs when the current version of the sdk you are using is lower than the supported versions on the end-points. We currently support and maintain up to 10 minor versions.

There was no APIKey Provided

This is referring to the sdkToken value within the configuration. When the sdkToken value is not set you will receive this error telling you to provide a token.

This Token is not active

This error occurs when you have a valid token set in your configuraiton, but your token hasn’t been activated or has been deactivated. Please contact TPAStream support to activate your token if you receive this error.

User is not a valid user for the easyenrollment sdk

This user was configured to be an Admin with the TPAStream System. The SDK requires that you use emails to create new users within the TPAStream system or use emails which are only linked to policyholders in our system.

You are missing required parameters in user. We require [firstName, lastName, email].

In order for the StreamConnect SDK to create a new user which is compatible for the SDK the sdk requires firstName, lastName, and email to be present within the user sdk configuration block.