This allows users of the SDK to address issues in their various policy holder credentials within the SDK system itself. This is advanced functionality that is available as of version v0.6.0 and requires Connect Access Token to be enabled on your SDK instance.

New Init options

  • fixCredentials — A boolean value which enables the functionality.
    • This only will init in the SDK if connectAccessToken is also enabled and correctly set per run.
  • doneSelectEnrollProcess — A new callback for the new SDK start widget.
  • doneFixCredentials — The Fix Credentials step callback.


Fix credentials is a seperate but related function to enrollment. When enabled the SDK will perserve the old flow except for the initial starting widget.

The starting page will look like the above picture. The user will either select to create new members as normal or just fix credentials which have been flagged by the TPAStream system as invalid.

Select Enroll Widget

Once selected the user will be directed to a similar page to Choose Payer but instead of a list of payers it will be a list of already created members within the TPAStream system. These policy holders all have various issues with them and can then be corrected by clicking to the form same as the normal SDK Flow.